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“Collegio San Filippo Neri” is one of the three Archiepiscopal Boarding Schools, located in the centre of Milan and managed by the ecclesiastical, non-profit foundation called La Vincenziana.

La Vincenziana was founded in 1934 as an initiative led by the Church of Milan to provide support to off site students in the mentoring and hospitality field and at the same time to strenghten the values of Christianity. The foundation has established an environment where promoting cultural and civil values got a major role, which also has a meaningful aspect on the sense of responsibility of all participants.

By now San Filippo Neri boarding school has grown into a strong community for 102 students from 18 to 25 years old. The majority of them are Italians coming from all the regions of Italy. Students can enroll through various Universities of Milan.

The most important requirements for admission are: a friendly appreciation of the community, friendship, sharing mutual cooperation, co-responsibility. Admission is also influenced by the result of the final exam at high school or the school report of the previous year or other school reports, plus to be enrolled at one of the Universities of Milan.

Our address:
via Mercalli, 18
20122 Milano (Google maps)

If you need any further information, please send us an email to sanfilippo.direzione@vincenziana.it.